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We are a husband and wife photography team, two professional wedding photographers in Essex working mainly in the South of England. We both love shooting weddings and get a thrill each time we achieve some really dreamy emotional results. Clients love our creative style of wedding photography, also our very relaxed approach which helps to touch genuine emotions in the wedding party, family and friends.

It’s wonderful to have a chosen profession that is creative and rewarding as we deliver a fabulous record of your special day. Our passion for wedding photography means that you get more than just a set of still photography. We also shoot some video at your wedding and can record audio to produce a beautiful wedding film. We like to meet with you; it makes a big difference if we know how you daydream about your wedding day.

Your images will have a natural, authentic feel so that you enjoy and remember the wonder of this loving occasion.

We obtain quality images while we capture the story of your wedding day. All of the little details that you have planned are important to record, also the subtle touches of your arrangements. We can show you entire wedding shoots and our very special and unique wedding films.  We want you to feel confident that the quality you expect will be delivered and we always set out to exceed your expectations. We are able to deal with different weather and lighting situations to always achieve quality results for you. Every special moment of your wedding is clearly captured to become a record of your family history.

Your wedding is exclusively about you. Knowing about you personally we will be able to tell your story brilliantly. Knowing your dreams will allow us to take natural, true, images that mirror the real you. It could be emotions, unguarded moments, having fun, showing joy, gazing lovingly at each other. Apart from the natural shoot of the wedding, for something special we can also do some naturally posed glamour shots in a quiet suitable setting. During the ceremony, our images naturally record the love and devotion that you both share. These parts of the day are so important to us and will reflect in the images that we take.

Your day will be full of amazing joyful, intimate moments. Passing moments caught creatively provide a record that will be with you forever.

We would be proud to tell the part of your love story portrayed at your wedding