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Creative Wedding Photography 

Our style of creative wedding photography is largely informal and relaxed, but behind the scenes, we will plan our approach meticulously to ensure we don’t miss a single detail on the day. We work closely with all of our couples to meet all of their individual needs and our sole aim is to provide the bride and groom with a truly stunning array of photographs taken from both the male and female perspective.


A style of wedding photography offering a beautiful blend of candid, natural photography, with some glamorous, romantic and artistic shots produced during the wedding reception. 

The majority of your day will be photographed in our relaxed and candid, storytelling style. This part of our coverage is about predicting and capturing moments such as the first time a groom sees the bride, always a pretty emotional point at a wedding.

Many photographers adopt a natural, more ‘documentary’ style and do not like to deviate from that, avoiding any staging of photographs whatsoever. A true documentary photographer will stay in the background with an informal ‘hands-off’ approach. They are looking for interesting, candid wedding photographs that represent moments and the general atmosphere of your day. 

Creative wedding photography bridges this gap, we’re highly experienced at working in a natural, relaxed style but pride ourselves on also producing particularly beautiful bride and groom portraiture and group photographs of the family.  

To further add to this, we can also record clips of film, as we do at most weddings. This provides a cinematic experience combining the strength of stills, film, sound, stylish music and narrative, the end result is a breathtaking depiction of your wedding day.

Read a little more about us or take a look at our Creative Wedding Films.

Photographing as a team, we aim to never miss a moment. We always prepare fully prior to the wedding day, researching the venue well ahead of time in order to find the best locations. We take a lot of wedding photos with many of the opportunities being ‘spur of the moment’!

Our entire ethos is to tell the story of your wedding day. We look for moments throughout the day and weave them together with your more posed, structured photographs and film, to make an immensely powerful representation of your wedding day.

When the excitement and magic of the wedding is over, it will be the timeless photographs and wedding film that you will return to.

The final result will be an irreplaceable family heirloom, allowing you and your loved ones to continue reliving the day and the moments captured for years to come.