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Getting married in Buckinghamshire?

Buckinghamshire Creative Wedding Photography

Getting married is an incredibly exciting time of our lives, and with this being the case we always want to make sure that our big day is everything that we dreamed it would be. When it comes to creative wedding photography in Buckinghamshire we have exactly what you need in order to ensure that the photos you were hoping for are all you imagined they would be. Thanks to the fact that there are so many fantastic venues in Buckinghamshire, with great opportunities to take lots of photos to capture key moments, you can be sure that the wedding of your dreams is well within reach.

Great Buckinghamshire Wedding Venues

Everyone’s wedding should be memorable for all who attend, and there is no doubt that a wedding at Woburn Safari Park would be exactly this. With plenty of space for entertaining, there are endless opportunities for wedding photos here – with cheeky snaps of animals almost a certainty. This would also be very popular with younger guests, who would definitely be incredibly excited about attending a wedding in such a great venue.

Nothing is more beautiful than an outdoor wedding and you can have this at The Pavilion in beautiful surroundings. This beautiful wedding venue can be incredibly romantic, and provide you with some truly creative wedding photos. The setting is wonderfully intimate, meaning that you will feel as though it really is an escape, put there just for you.

The first thing that will strike you about Flaxbourne Gardens is the sheer beauty of it – with stunning gardens for you to admire. The staff here are really geared up for weddings, meaning that they are able to provide you with just what you need, to create the memories that you will cherish. The different colours and scenes provide you with a great backdrop for photos.

If rustic is what you’re looking for, then Home Farm will bring this in bucket loads. With a beautiful old farmhouse building set in the middle of quaint gardens, it is the perfect place to tie the knot. There are lots of original features for you to enjoy in the farmhouse, and both you and your guests will love the atmosphere. You have the option of using the paddock to erect a marquee for your guests, so you can have anything up to 100 people to share your special day with you. 

Why choose us?

Planning your wedding can be exciting, stressful, joyful… and many other things, all in one go. With this being true, it's always great to know that there is somebody to take some of the pressure away from you – and we are able to do just that when it comes to the creative wedding photos of your special day in Buckinghamshire.

We get to know you and put together a plan that will be perfect for your needs, you will come away with a collection of photos that capture every special moment of your day, in just the way that you had hoped.