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Creative Wedding Photography in Kent


Getting married in Kent?

Kent Creative Wedding Photography

From the moment you decide you’re going to get married, you will have an image in your head of everything that you would like your wedding day to be. No matter what's included in that image, you will work tirelessly to make sure that it is everything that you dreamed it would be – and you will certainly want to be able to look back at your photos with a smile in the future. When it comes to creative wedding photography in Kent we have lots of experience which means that we can help you to put together a collection of photos to look back on fondly – and the fact that there are so many exciting wedding venues in Kent really helps with this.

Beautiful Kent wedding venues

Lots of people like to include outdoor shots in their wedding album, and Mount Ephraim Gardens gives you a great chance to do this. There are a massive 10 acres of beautiful outdoor space to choose from, meaning that you could fill your entire album with outdoor shots alone! The only difficult thing here is narrowing down the shots to choose. 

Looking for something a little different than you will have ever have seen before? If so, Fort Amherst is certainly worth a look. This wedding venue is right in the middle of some really beautiful parkland, and there are candle-lit tunnels which can make for a really romantic setting. You can set a really good scene for your photos at this venue, as the romance is certainly in the air.

A function room with a little interest is highly sought-after in the wedding circuit, and Milner Court’s octagonal dining area provides you with just this. There is enough room for anything up to 120 guests, and the shape of the room not only makes it feel wonderfully airy, but also gives you a chance to shoot some interesting photos, too.

Many people wish that they had a private island, and Scotney Castle provides you exactly this for your wedding day. Not only are the beautiful ruins perfect to create a romantic setting, but the gardens are stunning, too, which gives you a great opportunity to create exactly the wedding that you have always dreamed of – and come away with photos that shy away from the traditional and grasp hold of exactly the right end of “unique”.

Why choose us?

Your wedding day is always going to be special, no matter where you choose to hold it, because you are marrying the person you love most in the world. Every special occasion should be treasured forever, and we can provide you with photos that will help you do just this.

We will work closely with you to get to know you, and work out a style that suits your needs – meaning that you will be thrilled with the set of photos that we produce.